Can wine actually be sugar-free?

Usual is a better glass of wine. With zero added sugar and zero added sulfites or chemicals, our wine really is better for you – a large glass of real wine, in a bottle.

Added sugar vs. residual sugar

We make all of our wines with zero added sugar. Our Red, Rose, and Brut contain zero grams of sugar per bottle - the fermentation process leaves NO residual sugar. 
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But don't grapes contain sugar?

Yes, absolutely.

To clarify, all our wines are produced using natural, sustainable grapes harvested every fall. These grapes are picked at optimal ripeness to ensure all sugar will be fermented completely until the wines are dry, with no residual sugar.

The process of fermentation happens when natural yeasts eat the naturally occurring sugar in the grapes. In goes sugar, out comes alcohol. All that is left over is delicious, clean wine. Less sugar = less calories, and no hangovers.

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What about sulfites?

Sulfites are naturally occurring in all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables that we consume. Sulfites are a natural preservative, and added sulfites are used to prevent all kinds of foods from spoiling sooner than normal, especially products like dried fruits and frozen french fries.
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NO added sulfites or chemicals

Sulfites occur naturally in grapes and wines, mostly because of fermentation which produces sulfites. Same goes for your health conscious kimchi, and kombucha. Yes, Usual does contain these naturally occurring sulfites.

Though, this is where we differ. We do not add sulfites or any other preservatives when bottling. The majority of mass-produced wine has sulfites added, which is a major cause of feeling hungover. We do not add sulfites at bottling.

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Make good wine choices

Usual wines are better tasting and better for you. We make three different wines - Red, Rosé, and our best-selling Brut. Try all three in our mixed Holiday Pack.
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