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What you get

Cheers to making it through Monday, remembering to water your plants, and having a good time. The sparkling wine for every occasion, any occasion, and no occasion.

A case of Brut

12 or 24 large glasses of better sparkling wine, by the bottle.

Bottle opener

Gold. Bottle. Opener. Because you have good taste (and you'll need something to open these bottles with).


0 grams of sugar, 6,124 bubbles

Our wines are made the natural way: in small, sustainably farmed batches from Napa and Sonoma with nothing added to artificially preserve or augment the taste. No additives, except for bubbles, of course. Each bottle has over 6,000 of them, we counted, so you don’t have to. A large glass of fresh, clean sparkling wine, in a bottle.

Fresh every time


A refreshing bubbly for special occasions or any occasion. Expertly made in small batches from sustainably farmed grapes with no additives and minimal intervention—the real way. For optimal results, serve chilled and sip straight from the bottle.

Tasting Notes


Elder Flower



North Coast AVA




6.3 oz (187mL)

Super fine

Old school methods to produce new school results. Barrel aged wines, in homage to Champagne, but without added sugar - dry and crisp for the modern drinker. Grapes from award winning sites in Napa and Sonoma, bottled in a fresh, new package, so you can celebrate every day.

Super dry

Crisp, refreshing and fruity. Tart, not sweet, Usual Brut is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.

Super fresh

At 6.3 oz, each bottle gives you a fresh, full glass, and candidly, a bit more. Never let your bubbles go flat again.


Word on the street

Customer Reviews

Based on 270 reviews
I’m enjoying and gifting this product

I’m a little puzzled, I purchased this product first in November or December and you were out of the Brut then with the promise that it would be back soon it’s now the end of February and have the same message now my question is this will you ever have that product again and if so please let me know exactly when I do love and appreciate your product the Red and Rose are good but I would like to try the other and it concerns me that your production process has a kink in it I think you would agree that I have been patient in this matter I would like to know a date or around about when that product will be available. Thank You in advance for your time and consideration‼️✅😇keepingmyhalostraight

Great bubbles

I really enjoyed the Brut; it was a bit fruitier/sweeter than I normally prefer, but good. With the description I was expecting it to be more dry. The only real downside was that it was on back order for so long and I had to wait months!

Bubbles of fun!

Great taste, great sparkle!

Great customer service.

So impressed... I ordered the brut for myself and a friend over the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately the demand was so high it took some time for a box to be winging its way y to me, and when it did arrive, over the holidays, there were issues delivering it because we were away from home. When we came back and collected it, the shipping company apprehend to have taken out their frustrations on the box and the tinkling of glass told us that more than one bottle had smashed. When I contacted Usual, and told them the sorry take, including that we had rescued at least one box, usual sent a couple replacement order. So happy as the wine is excellent!

Why didn’t I order more!

I love a glass of bubbly! This was the perfect glass a champagne. The crisp, tart flavor is great with almost any food. As soon as it is available again I will be doubling my order!