The Details

Region North Coast AVA

Volume 6.3 oz (187 ml)

Alcohol 12%

Serving Size 5 fl oz (148ml). Servings per container 1.26





Total sugar







A dry and effervescent sparkling wine with notes of lemon, elderflower, and bergamot. Expertly made in small batches from sustainably farmed grapes with no sugar, no additives and minimal intervention — the real way.

Crack, sparkle, and sip


A refreshing bubbly for special occasions or any occasion. Usual Brut is light, effervescent, and satisfyingly crisp. For optimal results, serve chilled and sip straight from the bottle.




0 grams of sugar, 6,124 bubbles

Our wines are made the natural way: in small, sustainably farmed batches from Napa and Sonoma with nothing added to artificially preserve or augment the taste. No additives, except for bubbles, of course. Each bottle has over 6,000 of them, we counted, so you don’t have to. A large glass of fresh, clean sparkling wine, in a bottle.

No added sugar

You’re here to drink wine, not grape soda. No reason to artificially sweeten the best grapes that California has to offer.

No additives

Although common to add extra chemicals to ensure “freshness,” we don’t. Period. This means less additives, less hangovers, and more fun.

Super fine

Old school methods to produce new school results. Barrel aged wines, in homage to Champagne, but without added sugar - dry and crisp for the modern drinker. Grapes from award winning sites in Napa and Sonoma, bottled in a fresh, new package, so you can celebrate every day.

Super dry

Crisp, refreshing and fruity. Tart, not sweet, Usual Brut is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.

Super fresh

At 6.3 oz, each bottle gives you a fresh, full glass, and candidly, a bit more. Never let your bubbles go flat again.

Special occasion,
every occasion

Cheers to making it through Monday, remembering to water your plants, and having a good time. The sparkling wine for every occasion, any occasion, and no occasion. Forget about bottles going flat and saving the good stuff for birthdays and promotions – celebrating the every day is the new usual.

Word on the street

Customer Reviews

Based on 1681 reviews
Brian Thomas
Perfect for those nights cooking by yourself and/or for kids!

When you want a glass of wine but don’t want to open a bottle. It’s the perfect amount. And clean easy and economical.

Blake Yudin
Savage bubbles

The bubbles blow your mind… literally… add to cart… the end.

Gloria Stephens
Usual Brut

Look forward to getting my order each month. Love the Brut!

Nancy Wilson
Crisp and refreshing

Love the brut! It’s my new go to!

Perfect single glass of crisp, light sparkling brut

I love the Brut, and always have a few bottles on hand. It is perfect for a mimosa, Aperol spritz, or just a glass of bubbly with a regular weeknight dinner. It is light, crisp and no added sugar makes it perfect - and just bubbly enough!