Sonoma County, CA

A bright, satisfying sip of bing cherries, dark chocolate, and fresh violets. Our red blend is expertly made in small batches from sustainably farmed grapes with no additives and minimal intervention—the real way.

The Grapes

Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon






6.3 oz (187 ml)

Fruit, age, and oak


What you feel on your tongue starts in the soil; clay and loam make for a soft, creamy sip and a slightly sweet finish. Fans describe it as a perfect balance of fruit, age, and oak.

Bing Cherry

Dark Chocolate


100% Sonoma


Sitting between the Pacific Ocean and Napa Valley, Sonoma County's diverse geography and dreamy weather make the area an ideal choice to source grapes for our Red.

Dry Creek Valley
A sweet spot for Zinfandel located between the Russian River in the south and mountains in the north.

Valley Of The Moon
A local name for the Sonoma Valley, home to some of the oldest wineries and vines in California.

No additives


Our wines are made the natural way: in small, sustainably farmed batches with nothing added to artificially preserve, or augment the taste. There’s no need. Our grapes are carefully sourced for taste, so once they hit the barrels, we let them do their thing with minimal intervention. It’s not the only way to make wine, but it’s the Usual way.

No added sugar

You’re here to drink wine, not grape soda. No reason to artificially sweeten the best grapes that California has to offer.

No added sulfites

Although common to add extra sulfites to ensure “freshness,” we don’t. Period. This means less chemicals, less hangovers, and more fun.


Great grapes or go home

The first, and most crucial, step in making a great wine is selecting great grapes. Our Red is a blend of two of Sonoma's most renowned and beloved grapes: Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Powerfully fruity and bold without being bitter.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Concentrated and rich with just enough grip.


Going deeper


Soil is quite literally the foundational element to everything we do. Healthy soil makes for thriving vines, but it can also add nuances to taste.


Retains moisture and minerals, a savior in dry times. Creates wines similar to the soil itself—thick, round, and generous.


A warm, soft, crumbly mix of sand, silt, and clay, loam is incredibly nutritious. Makes for powerful, voluptuous wines.


A gravely blend of soils deposited over many years by running water. Full of organic material that helps growing grapes thrive.



Customer Reviews

Based on 629 reviews
Perfect Valentine's Day Surprise

We enjoyed the aroma and taste of the wine. We did not miss the sugar . Enjoyable
I ordered on February 11 and received the order on February 14!


Wine is for an auction in August. Can you provide a sample case for the auction in August. Thank we are nonprofit organization name. Armfoundation


My daughter and I really love the red! This was my second order and I’m sure we’ll be ordering more.

Great wine

I love a great glass of wine but also watch sugar and carbs. This is the perfect solution !

Good Clean Wine!

When my sister-in-law gave me a couple bottles of the red to try, my first thought was, "what in the world is she having me drink? I’m not sure about this.” I had never heard of this wine so I wasn’t expecting much. But…I decided to try it. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor/taste. It was smooth, not bitter…no after-bite. I then looked it up online and when I saw that it was a ‘clean’ wine…no added sugar, no sulfites. I was believer. I ordered a case so I can enjoy at home now. I love the bottles and it’s great that they’re basically an extra large glass (as they indicate)…sometimes that’s all I need; not a big bottle that will sit on my counter for a few weeks as I don’t drink a lot of wine. Can’t wait for the bubbly to be back in stock so I can try that! :)