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What you get

Choose 12 or 24 bottles of sustainably farmed, minimally intervened, small-lot wine. Split equally between Brut, Red, and Rosé, so you don’t have to choose.


A dry and effervescent sparkling wine with notes of lemon, elderflower, and bergamot.

• 100% North Coast AVA
• 12% ABV


A bright, satisfying sip of bing cherries, dark chocolate, and fresh violets.

• 100% Sonoma County
• 13% ABV


A crisp, easy-drinking Rosé with notes of strawberry, rose petal, and rhubarb.

• 100% Santa Barbara
• 13% ABV


Real wine, by the glass

No more wasting bottles or accidentally getting wasted. At 6.3 oz, each bottle of Usual is a large glass of wine, and candidly, a bit more. All things in moderation, including moderation. Enjoy real wine, fresh every time – by the glass, in a bottle, and by the case.

No Additives

Our wines are made the natural way: in small, sustainably farmed batches with nothing added to artificially preserve, or augment the taste. There’s no need. Our grapes are carefully sourced for taste, so once they hit the barrels, we let them do their thing with minimal intervention. It’s not the only way to make wine, but it’s the Usual way.

No added sugar

You’re here to drink wine, not grape soda. No reason to artificially sweeten the best grapes that California has to offer.

No added sulfites

With added sulfites, at best the flavor is dulled, at worst you feel it the next day—they’re what many blame for wine-induced headaches and hangovers.


Give fine wine, and drink it, too

Good wine choices make even better gift choices. With a dozen or two bottles, you can send some to a friend, keep some yourself, and bring some to a party. Cheers to self-care, making others smile, and living in the moment.

Happy holidays – wherever, whenever, and however you celebrate.


Word on the street

Based on 2804 reviews
Usual Red Wine

Really love the Usual Red wines! They are Delicious! I really look forward to my evening glass of wine. I love that it is sustainably sourced with no extra sugar or sulfites. I like that it comes in a single serving glass bottle and I feel great the next day! Thank you for your wines!

Refreshing Rose'

The Rose’ was refreshing and not sweet. It is a nice alternative to the Red but I still prefer the Red. Will definitely order more Rose’ this summer!

Easy drinking

I enjoyed the red - a little less full-bodied than my usual but really good! Love the concept and no sugar!


I love this Rose and especially the bottles for recycling into lighted deco for patio table!!!

Smooth, crisp and delicious!

I love this wine! I like the convenience of not having to open a whole bottle. I love being able to text someone as well. Very helpful! THANK YOU!


Great Wine

Put in my Xmas gift bags. Everyone enjoyed the wines.

Usual red review

Smooth, pleasant taste for a wine with no sugar and additives. “Goes down easy!”

Favorite new mini!

Bought these as a favor for a 40th birthday. Huge hit! Everyone loved both red and rose. Can’t wait to order more!

Perfect every day wine!

Quality of wine is great and perfect for when you only want to have a glass and not have to open up a whole bottle. I love both the red and rose.

Very Good

I really liked the wine. I liked the Red more than the Rose, but the Rose was not bad at all. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. My husband doesn't drink wine so it's nice to not have to open an entire big bottle. It's a bit pricey when you think 4 glasses is 1 bottle, but compared it to what you would be paying at a restaurant, the price is great. It's important to me that wines don't have additives. I'm really sensitive to many additives. I do think the taste and quality of the red is worth the price for at home. I would buy the rose for going on the boat or other outing where it's nice to have individual sizes. I actually recommended it already to one of my single friends.

Love the red!

I rarely drank red wine until I found Usual’s red. My favorite wines are cava and brut, dying for the brut to return!

Interesting value prop, but a bit pricey

I ordered the red+rosé.
I enjoyed the taste — it was light and not too sweet.
I think that an average price of $8/150ml is a bit steep considering you can get wine of comparable quality for much less per unit cost. For my use case drinking red/rosé, a rubber cork on a larger bottle delivers a comparable experience at a much lower cost. I will therefore, be unlikely to get this product again.
The sparkling wine is, however, a different story. Rubber corks are much less effective and individually packaged portions offer a much needed solution to the problem of flat sparkling wine. I look forward to trying that out when it becomes available.


Only tried the Red and Rose and they were excellent. They were flavorful and you could taste every note. Can’t wait to taste the Brut once they are back in stock.

Nice Wine

Right up my alley dry full body and not crazy berry forward! First organic that doesn’t taste earthy to me. I would give it a five but felt the finish was a little rough thus the four. A good little wine find!

Ripple wine,

Ripple,wine was good but do you have larger bottles and do you have coupons on your wine's


Loved the red! Rose was a bit on the sweet side for me, but a huge fan of the Brut (please make more!) and the Red.


Love the red! Very clean tasting.
A bit on the pricey side tho....


Excellent glass of wine!!!

A good MANS wine :)

Every single review is from a female, which is good but I’m here to say this is a great bold red, for a hard working man as well.

I enjoy my $200 bottles of Jarvis but this is a refreshing change.

Don’t be afraid, guys. This stuff is good.

To give you an example of a good deal, if you like your $100-$200 bottles of wine... 6ish ounces each X 24= 120plus ounces, or 4 bottles of wine. This definitely taste better than a $50 bottle.

clean Wines make a difference

Having tried many red wines, the inevitable headache followed - not so with the Usual Reds. Lighter and no next day headaches!

Great Red!

Nice, clean taste and the only wine that doesn’t give me a headache!

Great customer service.

So impressed... I ordered the brut for myself and a friend over the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately the demand was so high it took some time for a box to be winging its way y to me, and when it did arrive, over the holidays, there were issues delivering it because we were away from home. When we came back and collected it, the shipping company apprehend to have taken out their frustrations on the box and the tinkling of glass told us that more than one bottle had smashed. When I contacted Usual, and told them the sorry take, including that we had rescued at least one box, usual sent a couple replacement order. So happy as the wine is excellent!


Nice glass after a long day

Love it!

The rose and the red wine were both fantastic. I’m a huge rose fan and this one is probably in my top 3. I wish they had the option of purchasing full size bottles as well!