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Whether you're just getting started or are a wine aficionado, this is your destination for knowledge. Published by Usual, a lifestyle brand designing and creating thoughtful and delicious wines and beverages, Knowledge Base celebrates indulging yourself with information and a glass of wine, whenever, wherever, and however you want.

Is Wine Gluten Free? Exploring Gluten Content in Popular Wines

Inquiring wine lovers need to know: Is wine gluten-free? Yes, but there are exceptions that can make things a little problematic if you're trying to avoid gluten. Join as we explore the ingredients in wine as well as the different winemaking processes and additives that could lead to gluten in your wine.

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Calories in Wine: How Many Calories in a Glass of Wine?

It's challenging to know how many calories are in a glass of wine when there are no nutrition fact labels on a bottle. We'll give you the calorie count for different types of wine so you can sip with confidence.

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Carbs in Wine: Can You Still Drink Wine on a Low-Carb Diet?

If you’re trying to limit your carb intake, you may think that wine is off the table. Luckily, you can enjoy wine without overloading on carbs. The trick is knowing which type of wine to choose. We'll guide you through everything you need to know about carbs in wine.

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Keto Friendly Wine: Understanding Wine Options on a Keto Diet

Can I drink wine on keto? Which wines are keto-friendly? How does alcohol affect ketosis? These are just a few of the impassioned questions you're probably asking yourself now that you've decided to give the keto diet a chance. You don't have to give up on your favorite drink, but there are some new rules to follow.

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Calories in Wine: How to Indulge Without Ruining Your Health Goals

You don’t have to forego your favorite rosé or red simply because wine has calories. There are several factors that affect the amount of calories in wine. By making smart choices, you can still enjoy wine without ruining your health goals. Here, we’ll break down how many calories there are in different types of wine.

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Does Wine Have Sulfites? Unraveling the Presence of Sulfites in Wines

Does wine without sulfites exist? And is this type of wine better for your health? This guide will clue you into everything you need to know about sulfites so you can make an informed decision before picking your next bottle of wine.

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Natural Wine vs Regular: The Making and Characteristics of Natural Wines

As more people look for sustainable, chemical-free products, it’s no surprise that natural wine has entered the spotlight. Find out what exactly qualifies wine as natural, how it's different from conventional wine, and how to pick one that's right for you.

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Organic Wine: A Step Beyond Convention

This guide breaks down the details about organic wine versus conventional wine, how organic production affects the final product, and how to find fairly-priced organic wine you’ll love. (Hint: It’s easier than you think.)

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Sugar Free Wine: Uncovering the Facts About Zero Sugar Wines

Could sugar-free wine be the answer to lowering your sugar intake? The answer is yes. Discover the world of low-sugar wine, including how to find it, what its benefits are, and why it’s best to avoid unnaturally sugary wines.

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