A split box with half Red and half Rosé.

The best of both worlds. It's half Provence-style rosé, and half dark chocolate red. All masterfully crafted in small batches from sustainably farmed grapes with no additives and minimal intervention—the real way.

Red+Rosé Red+Rosé


Santa Barbara, CA

A crisp, easy-drinking rosé devised for beach days with notes of strawberry, rose petal, and rhubarb. Masterfully crafted in small batches from sustainably farmed grapes with no additives and minimal intervention—the real way.

The Grapes

Syrah, Sangiovese, Malbec






6.3 oz (187 ml)

Red Blend

Red Blend

Sonoma County, CA

A bright, satisfying sip of bing cherries, dark chocolate, and fresh violets. Masterfully crafted in small batches from sustainably farmed grapes with no additives and minimal intervention—the real way.

The Grapes

Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon






6.3 oz (187 ml)

No Additives

Our wines are made the natural way, in small, sustainably farmed batches with no additives. Our grapes are artfully honed from the finest vineyards, so once they hit the barrels, we let them do their thing with minimal intervention. It’s not the only way to make wine, but it’s the best.

No added sugar

You’re here to drink wine, not grape soda. No reason to artificially sweeten the best grapes Santa Barbara has to offer.

No added sulfites

With added sulfites, at best the flavor is dulled, at worst you feel it the next day—they’re what many blame for wine-induced headaches and hangovers.


What people say

Based on 809 reviews
Super Dry Rose'

Love the taste, this is what I've been looking for in the US. Crazy crispy, but dry and not sweet. Taste like rose' should taste!

bombshell fo a wine

The bottles are downright amazing. So convenient to have at home or in the office for a single glass. The wine is even more impressive though, this red put my Napa blends to shame!

Elegant red wine

Love the blend, much lighter than I expected, but beautifully done. Will try their rose now.


I love this wine, especially the rose! Perfect size and tastes amazing. Will order again.

Red Blend


We so enjoyed our first case of Usual Rose, that I bought another case as a Christmas present !


Love my rose! Will order again!

Finally no extra sugar!!!

I've been so turned off with wine from my local store because I learned abou t all the crap some people put into it. You can actually taste the difference here with no sugar or chemicals. It is excellent. More like what I remember from Europe, velvety, chocolatey, with a clean fruit finish - yet not at all sweet. Exceptional blend.

Better every time

Honestly, this stuff is unbelievable. The new red is my new favorite. I've never had a zin / cab blend that's not only luxe but fresh - love the new take and keep it up.

Red Wine is great. New clear bottles AWFUL

Red Wine is great. New clear bottles for Red Wine AWFUL. Please please go back to the dark green bottles. Sadly I wont buy again (after our 6th case) because of the clear bottles. Its to offensive for red wine.

Hi Michelle, I'm SO sorry to hear you don't like the new glass bottles. Mind if I ask why the aversion? These are actually made explicitly for our wines, and we want to show off the wines themselves, in line w/ the transparency we are working to bring to the industry. We can assure you the integrity of the wine is in no way compromised as well. Anyhow, we truly hope to win you back and please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything we can do to help!
So dry and perfect

Had this in the summer when it was hot and absolutely loved it!! Just got another case for my cold weather drinking and it might even be better. I'm a rose all day every day convert.

Still amazing

Can't get enough of the red!

A+++ support

Had some trouble with holiday shipping. Emailed the company and they responded within hours, rerouting my package. I never even had to call the post. ty for making my life easier.

Way more than a glass

Maybe I'm a lightweight, but I was feeling goooood after just one rose. Love how dry it is too, very crisp and no added sugar.

Cool look, great taste

I love the packaging and both the red and rose taste great!

New Red

The new red wine is tasty, it has a tart after taste that was unexpected. Having said that, it is a good tasting wine.

Christmas Present Right on Time!

Received my mixed box of Usual Red Blend and Rose’. This was my first time trying the Rose’.i must say, I was not let down❣️I will be ordering more❣️


Great packaging and surprises delicious wine!


Truly delish wine. Love the bottle. Love that's it only a glass so I can at least pretend I'm not going to drink a bottle.

Perfect glass and a half!

I often like a glass of wine but don’t want to open a whole bottle as it often goes bad before I finish it. This is the perfect size snd it’s delicious!


I love red wine and this blend Is amazing! It’s smooth, fruity and has just the right amount of spice. Travel friendly, too.

So convenient!

I love the smaller size bottle so that I don't have to re-cork a full size bottle.

Best Rose Year Round!

Yup, drinking this one even in the winter. Soo good. And love the ease of the single-serve.

Fantastic Red!

Love the wine and the bottle is great. Gifting to all of my friends this year.

Wonderful Wine and Just the right size!

Love the little bottles for those times when you want just a "glass of wine".