A split box with half Red and half Rosé.

The best of both worlds. It's half Provence-style rosé, and half dark chocolate red. All masterfully crafted in small batches from sustainably farmed grapes with no additives and minimal intervention—the real way.

Red+Rosé Red+Rosé


Santa Barbara, CA

A crisp, easy-drinking rosé devised for beach days with notes of strawberry, rose petal, and rhubarb. Masterfully crafted in small batches from sustainably farmed grapes with no additives and minimal intervention—the real way.

The Grapes

Syrah, Sangiovese, Malbec






6.3 oz (187 ml)

Red Blend

Sonoma County, CA

A bright, satisfying sip of bing cherries, dark chocolate, and fresh violets. Masterfully crafted in small batches from sustainably farmed grapes with no additives and minimal intervention—the real way.

The Grapes

Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon






6.3 oz (187 ml)

No Additives

Our wines are made the natural way, in small, sustainably farmed batches with no additives. Our grapes are artfully honed from the finest vineyards, so once they hit the barrels, we let them do their thing with minimal intervention. It’s not the only way to make wine, but it’s the best.

No added sugar

You’re here to drink wine, not grape soda. No reason to artificially sweeten the best grapes Santa Barbara has to offer.

No added sulfites

With added sulfites, at best the flavor is dulled, at worst you feel it the next day—they’re what many blame for wine-induced headaches and hangovers.


What people say

Based on 1097 reviews
Great wine and adorable bottles !!

I got 5 bottles from a friend for my birthday.
Love the red wine with chocolate and violets


While I thought Usual was good I’m not sure I would purchase it again. I thought it was a bit pricey and I wonder if it would be less expensive without the individual bottles. They are cute though. I actually like Whispering Angels better and can get that at my local grocery store.

The Best Roses Ever!!

The organic box of tastings was fabulous! And, as always, we love the rose wine!!

Convenient Little Bottles!

I really like the wines. Rose and red both have great flavors. I'm glad I bought 6 of each... cant wait to try the chardonnay. Rose is my favorite as of now, and I definitely plan on recycling and reusing the bottles. They're a great shape and size... love love love them!!!




WAY too expensive for what you get- won’t purchase again.

Love the Rose

I absolutely LOVE the Rose wine- it is crisp & dry with nice berry notes- love love love!


Contains sulfites

Hi Francis, Thanks so much for your review! All wines contain sulfites, because they’re released naturally during the fermentation process. We do not add any additional sulfites to our wines so our wines are completely additive-free. If you have any other questions about the way our wine is made, please reach out to us at
Solid red blend

I really enjoy this wine and it’s perfect when I don’t want to open an entire bottle. Tastes great. I highly recommend!

New customer

Wine is pretty good
Like the portions

Usual Fallback

The red blend is my go to fallback for a single pour rather than opening a whole bottle. An enjoyable wine for everyday.

I was not impressed with the rose which I wanted to try despite not being a fan of rose. I will say it was nice, light and fruity thus I suspect I will enjoy it more in the summer months.

I will reorder the red.

6 Pack Review

I have not tried the Rose yet but the Red is amazing!! It’s hard to drink just one! I highly recommend these wines. Having them delivered makes it easy & I like that they are not full of a bunch of chemicals.

Still a fan

Didn’t care for the Chardonnay but will still buy the rose.

Red wine blend

Loved it! Will order again!

Prefer red

Prefer red to rose. Glad I tried the rose though. Perfect size glass.

Great pour!

I took a Rose & Red with me on a weekend trip & I was pleasantly surprised of the quality!

Usual Rose

Love, Love, Love the Rose’! I will definitely be ordering again soon!


Love the rose! Especially the portion size.


The rose is good perfect portion size Everything went smoothly with the order and the delivery



Wine has not arrived

Apparently my wine was damaged on the day it was to be delivered. I only found this out by emailing customer service. I was given no upgraded shipping, etc. for the replacement So after 2 weeks of ordering I still don't have my wine. Even if it is delicious I will not order again. I understand things happen, but I shouldn't have to be tracking down what happened in this case - I should have at least received an email and an offer to ship the replacement order more quickly.

Hi Linda, Thanks so much for your review and we are so sorry that your wine was damaged while en route to you. We don't find out about damaged shipments until FedEx returns them to our warehouse, which is why you hadn't yet heard from our team yet - your initial shipment is still on its way back to us. We find damaged shipments frustrating as well, and we apologize for whatever may have happened while the wine was on the way to you. Our customer support team sent replacement wine your way and it was delivered today. If you have any questions please reach out to our support team at and they will be happy to assist!
Best Wines Have Had In A Long Time

I had pretty much quit drinking wine because I would have one glass out of a bottle and wouldn't like the taste or would get a headache or sinus problems from drinking it. Not so with the Usual wines. I have had both the rose and the red and have had no problems with either wine, and much to my delight, I love the flavors of both wines. I'm not much on red wine, but it really has a wonderful flavor. I really like the fact that they come in small bottles (2 servings for me) that can be easily resealed and used at another time. I highly recommend these wines and will be purchasing more in the future.

I have only tried the Rose' so far!

I have only tried the Rose so far, but it sure is a treat and the perfect amount. I haven't tried the Red blend, but the description of it sounds like it's going to be sweet. I love the size of the wine bottle serving or servings... it's perfect for just me as my husband doesn't always want to have a glass with me. The price is good too. I like that you don't charge an arm and leg for shipping and it's basically free or rolled into the price of the wine. Compared to restaurant size pour size and price, I like that you give a little more in size. The price is about what I would pay for a glass in a nice restaurant.


Easy to order! Fast delivery! Enjoyable to drink!