The Details

Region Mendocino County

Grapes Zinfandel, Barbera, Sangiovese

Volume 6.3 oz (187 ml)

Alcohol 12.5%

Serving Size 5 fl oz (148ml). Servings per container 1.25





Total sugar






Brut Rosé

Limited Edition

A sparkling and lively take on our classic rosé with notes of red peach, raspberry, and orange blossom. Chosen for its bright and fruity profile, this small lot of Mendocino rosé is ideal for adding bubbles and nothing else. Made from sustainably farmed grapes with no sugar and minimal intervention.

Wine you can feel good about

Nothing artificial

Many wines have added flavorings and colorants, but not us. Not ever.

Fresh every time

Our generous single serve bottles ensure the freshest experience possible.

No added sugar

No reason to artificially sweeten California’s best grapes.

Sustainably farmed

We’re helping to ensure the future of harvest year after year.

Crack, sparkle, and sip


A refreshing bubbly for special occasions or any occasion. Brut Rosé is light, effervescent, and satisfyingly crisp. Faint and flirty notes of strawberry icing and underripe watermelon aromas enhance the fruit and floral flavors to create a quenching, delicious mélange. For optimal results, serve chilled and sip straight from the bottle.

Red Peach


Orange Blossom

Super fine

Old school methods to produce a new type of classic, but without added sugar - dry and crisp for the modern drinker. Grapes from award winning sites in Mendocino, bottled in a fresh, new package, so you can celebrate every day.

Super dry

Crisp, refreshing and slightly bubbly. Tart, not sweet, our Brut Rosé is built to perform perfectly poolside or enhance effortlessly at the dinner table.

Super fresh

At 6.3 oz, each bottle gives you a fresh, full glass, and candidly, a bit more. Enjoy on the go and on your terms.

Reviews, as Usual

Customer Reviews

Based on 584 reviews
Carrie Edwards
#1 tasting

Absolutely one of the best I have ever had. So smooth and light yet full of taste!

Susan Ferraro
Crisp and refreshing

I love Usual rosé and the Brut Rosé did not disappoint!! Light and crisp with a hint of sweetness !

Richard P
Usual's Brut Rose

Delightful . . . very smooth.

Cheryl on Edisto Beach
Try Something New

It is a nice change, but I prefer the Brut golden bubbles

Caity Schneider
Happy medium

Not too sweet, not too dry, it’s a very easy blend to drink even if you don’t love rosé. Delicious!