The Details

Region Pauli Ranch, Mendocino

Grapes 100% Chardonnay

Volume 6.3 oz (187 ml)

Alcohol 12%

Brut Reserve

Enjoy our first aged sparkling wine. Using an extended Charmat method to capture natural carbonation for a finer bubble and silkier mouthfeel, Brut Reserve is a truly elevated experience. Bright, yet bold, with no added sugar and an entire year of flavor development and texture.

Only 390 cases produced.
Brut Reserve Brut Reserve

Silky and layered

A year of tank aging on lees does wonders for sparkling wines. Contact with the yeast helps build silky texture and adds layers to the fruit and flavor notes adding dimensions to each sip. Tart lemon flavors mature into bright lemon cake notes with hints of buttery brioche crust. Fresh pineapple notes evolve into roasted pineapple with touches of caramelization. A real treat for special occasions at every occasion.

Lemon Cake


Roasted Pineapple

A year in the making

All Champagne is required to spend at least 12 months of aging on lees, or in contact with some leftover yeast, to develop most textures, flavors, and dimensions. This aging time elevates the wine from amongst the masses of bubbly and into the famed so often associated with the famous region.

After tasting an exceptional lot of Chardonnay from Pauli Ranch in Mendocino, our winemaking team reserved a portion for this special project. In the traditional style of Blanc de Blanc, 100% Chardonnay was used for the base with no additional sugars added for secondary fermentation. The result is a complex-yet-craveable wine with loads of layers and dimensions of textures and flavor.

Have fine wine and drink it too

Aged like fine wine but available by the glass. No need to save this bottle for one special occasion when you can have it across several occasions. A truly unique experience exclusive to Usual drinkers. Celebrating the everyday is the new Usual.

Reviews, as Usual

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mary Stuckemeyer
The best!

This wine is seriously so good! It also doesn’t give me any after-effects that many wines give me the day after I have a glass. Love it!

Laura Alvarez
Love My Usual

This is the perfect size serving of Champagne, and Wine. I am currently enjoying my Brut Rose, and Brut Reserve! Absolutely DELICIOUS!!! "I will take the Usual Please!"

Brenna Pelerin

So light & crisp. Highly recommend!

Karen Ioli
Leaky bottles

My original snd replacement shipment both arrived leaking. Seeking refund

Valarie Kneer
BRut reserve

I was totally disappointed I had 3 bottles that were completely flat and could not believe the price I paid ..
Very disappointed