Have fine wine and drink it too. A large glass of real wine, by the bottle.

Raspberry Spritz

Introducing our take on the modern wine spritzer, in a can. Made with clean, simple ingredients - just ripe red raspberries and crisp rosé, nothing else.

Super Fine,
Super Fresh

New for the summer, meet our Limited Edition Semi-Sparkling Rosé. A refreshing and lively take on our classic Rosé.

Drink real wine

Our wines are made in small, sustainably farmed batches with no additives. The grapes are curated from the healthiest, tastiest crops each season, so once they hit the barrels, we let them do their thing with minimal intervention - no added sugars, no added chemicals - the natural way.

Stock up on real wine, by the glass.

Thanks, sunshine

We curate sustainably farmed grape varieties from different regions to show off all the delicious nuances California’s microclimates have to offer - warm and coastal for the Rosé, and cool, misty mountains for the Red. The premise is nothing new: source the tastiest grapes, treat them right, and let them shine.

Size does matter

Wine great enough to drink every day needs a perfect by-the-glass bottle. At 6.3 oz, each bottle gives you a fresh, full glass (and candidly, a bit more). The wine itself is seasonably made in small batches, not in vats mixed with sugar and chemicals. You know what they say about good things...

"Usual modernizes the way we drink."

“If I were to turn into an alcoholic
beverage, it would probably
be this one”

“Must-try wine”