The Summer Set

Limited time offer. Order before May 31st.


The warmest, most relaxing, and most fun season of the year. 

Get set this summer with 54 glasses of Usual Rosé, delivered in 3 monthly shipments (18 per month). Crack one open, invite your friends, and never worry about running out from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Shipping is on us.

$384 ($520 value)

The Summer Set The Summer Set

Monthly Breakdown

14 weekends. 54 glasses. 3 pieces of surprise swag. Your complete rosé stash for the summer. Arriving in 3 shipments of 18, one for each month. Get ahead of your summer and stock up on the good stuff so that you can maximize the longest days of the year.


18x Glasses + Poolside Piece.

Gear up for summer solstice and warm summer nights, as the days get longer and Summer Fridays take over.


18x Glasses + Summer Surprise.

Make sure your rosé supply is fully stocked for the 4th of July, Bastille Day, and beyond.


18x Glasses + Something to “See You Through”

Keep the rosé cold and flowing throughout the hottest month of the year.


Santa Barbara, in a Bottle

A crisp, easy-drinking rosé with notes of strawberry, rose petal, and rhubarb. Crafted from the best grapes in Santa Barbara with minimal intervention and no additives - the real way. Bottled for those summer days ahead.

The Grapes

Syrah, Sangiovese, Malbec






6.3 oz (187 ml)

It’s what summer tastes like.

Usual Rosé is dry, not sugary, with that crisp freshness your taste buds crave on a hot day. Pairs best with a summer state of mind. Enjoy chilled, sans shoes for best results.

No additives.

Our wines are made the natural way, meaning they’re produced without adding or removing anything during the winemaking process. This means no added sulfites, sugar, and anything else that the big wine brands do.

No Added Sugar

You’re here to drink wine, not grape soda. No reason to artificially sweeten the best grapes Santa Barbara has to offer.

No Added Sulfites

Although naturally occurring in all wines, lots of “big wine brands” add extra sulfites to help ensure “freshness” - we don’t. Period. This means less hangovers, less chemicals, and more fun the night of, and the day after.


20,000+ people can't be wrong

Based on 1417 reviews

Love the little bottles and the taste. Wish it was available in full size bottles as the price is high

Great wine!

The wine is packed well for perfect portion control and it's delicious. Always love my CA wines!

Love the red!!

I’ve tried both the Rosé and the Red wine and I actually love both! Love the Red more though but I’m a Red type of lady. Can’t wait to buy more!!

Rose Was Delish

I normally do not like rose from California, so I was skeptical about this one. But I loved it. I cannot wait to order more. I just wish they sold the rose in a bigger bottle!


We love it....Wife is happy so am I!

One of my favorites

My new go to rose. I bought a mix box. The red wine is really good too. The bottles are so cute.


This small bottle is absolutely perfect and the red blend is awesome. I will definitely order more!

Surprisingly tasty

Enjoyed both the red and rose sample and look forward to trying more!




Love the bottle, concept and the wine

We ran across an Usual Wine add and decided to give it a try. The wine arrived very quickly. We loved the bottles and packaging. So far we have only enjoyed the red. It is a good "bottle" of wine.

My new favorite Rose!

I just recently made my first purchase and took a chance ordering 2 boxes (24 bottles). No regrets! Usual is now my go to Rose. Not too light, perfectly crisp and you can't beat the gorgeous little bottles!

Absolutely Delicious!

I bought a case to gift to some of my favorite mom’s on Mother’s Day. Everyone loved it. From the unique bottles to the delicious taste, the wine was a hit.

Thoughts on Wine

I thought both the red and rose were good, but no better than the wine I purchase at my local store. Very inconvenient that I have to be home to sign for the package as usually nobody is there. Just got lucky this time. Any chance you will sell these wines in stores?

Nice finish

I really enjoyed my glass. I love the cherries and dark chocolate together! It was just yummy!

New wine alert.

I was excited to receive and taste this wine.
But, was let down. This wine tasted ok but nothing special.

The red one was quite strong. I liked the rose one.


Absolutely love these wines. Introducing to my family and friends - expect new customers

Rose all day....but for real

I love the idea is rose but If we can be honest a moment most rose is awful. This rose is different. All the beauty and fashion forward that comes with drinking rose but a really great glass of wine. My only complaint is that I can’t get bigger bottles.


The wine, the bottle, very elegant experience!



Not a fan of red wines.

Liked the Red Better

I liked the idea of having a single serve bottle for those times when you just want a glass of wine and don't want to open a bottle. I like a good Rose for summer, as I don't really care for many whites. So when I saw these cute little bottles I couldn't wait to try them.
Ultimately I didn't really care for the Rose, I can find much better full bottles for around $16-$20, so at $8 a serving I wouldn't buy again. But since I ordered the sample pack of 1 red and 1 rose, I was surprised at how much I liked the red, it was a nice easy drinking red, I would consider buying this again. Also the bottles are super cute, I'm going to repurpose them somehow.

The Usual,please

The rose is perfect for that first summer glass and the red is now a real favorite.
Thank you, and of course I will have the Usual