A Dozen Rosés

Express your love this Valentine's Day with 'A Dozen Rosés'! Treat your special someone to twelve generously sized glasses of our all-natural Rosé, where each bottle is filled with the delightful flavors of red peach, wisteria, and watermelon rind.

Expertly crafted in small batches from sustainably farmed grapes, our Rosé captures the essence of minimal intervention winemaking – no added sugar - just pure quality.

A Dozen Rosés A Dozen Rosés

Wine you can feel good about

Nothing artificial

Many wines have added flavorings and colorants, but not us. Not ever.

Fresh every time

Our generous single serve bottles ensure the freshest experience possible.

No added sugar

No reason to artificially sweeten California’s best grapes.

Sustainably farmed

We’re helping to ensure the future of harvest year after year.

Skip the Roses and Give a Dozen Rosés

A Dozen Rosés" is the ultimate Valentine's Day gift that speaks volumes of your affection. This set of twelve generously sized glasses of all-natural Rosé is a delightful fusion of romance and sophistication.

By choosing "A Dozen Rosés," you're not just giving a gift; you're offering a heartfelt gesture that combines the timelessness of roses with the elegance of exceptional wine. It's the perfect way to express your love and create cherished moments together on this special day.

Fresh every time


The Rosé is dry, not sugary, with that crisp freshness to cool down a hot day or lighten up the mood. Enjoy chilled, sans shoes for best results.

Red Peach


Watermelon Rind

Great grapes or go home

The first, and most crucial, step in making a great wine is selecting great grapes. This vintage consists of grape varieties that are classic to Italy, but best suited to grow in the Golden State.


Cherry berry fruit and polish


Spice notes and structure


Floral aromas and silky texture

100% San Luis Obispo County


An inimitable terroir possessive of unique soils composed of marine fossils and sedimentary rocks nestled in valleys near the ocean with constant marine influence. The limestone, shale, petrified oyster shell and sandstone soils are the result of the Pacific and Continental plates smashing together millions of years ago. Funny enough these soils are considered young in the winemaking world and easily yield to the bedrock below allowing for a variety of grapes to thrive.

The combination of these unique factors create an environment that allows our fruit to develop rich, full flavors while still allowing complexity, structure and balance to create a fruity yet crisp rosé.

Going deeper

Soil is quite literally the foundational element to everything we do. Healthy soil makes for thriving vines, but it can also add nuances to taste.


Fine grained sedimentary rocks and broken stones. Rocky soil profile yields intense flavors with dimension and complexity.

Ancient Sea Bed

Uplifted ocean floor with petrified oyster fossils spilling out of the soil. High calcium content yields high-toned flavors with pretty aromatics.

Reviews, as Usual

Customer Reviews

Based on 2171 reviews
Crisp and delicious perfect summer Rose

The perfect glass of wine, both in size and the taste with this Rose! One glass perfectly chilled, crisp and dry without any added sugars. This is summer in a glass!

brenda c

This is perhaps the best Rose’ ever. Crisp, clean and NOT sweet!!

Sandra Sakl

Usual rose is sooo refreshing!

Julie Murphy
Rose Rapture!

The USUAL Rose is crisp and absolutely delicious... every single 6.2oz bottle! Love to serve this at lady luncheons; always a hit!

Sean L.
My favorite rosé

This is easily my favorite rosé. I also love the single serve bottles.