5 Reasons Everyone Is Trying This New Wine By The Glass

❶ Never Worry About Not Finishing the Bottle.

When was the last time you wanted a glass of wine, I mean real wine, but didn’t want to open a bottle?  Everyone has been there, but those Sutter Home tiny bottles are terrible! That's why STANDARD Wines was founded. The glass bottles are super sleek and even better they’re the perfect amount. I LOVE how easy it is to grab a glass!

❷ This is a Large Glass of Wine.

How big is a “glass of wine”? We know, we know, you want a big pour. With STANDARD, each bottle is over 6.3oz (187mL) of wine. That’s 1.3 oz more than a ”healthy” restaurant pour. That’s 1/4 of a bottle. Perfect for a Tuesday night. Or, the bottles can be easily re-sealed, so you have a half-glass for the next night. Anyway you drink it, it’s entirely noncommittal and delicious.

❸ There is No Subscription So There Is No Commitment!

I hate subscriptions. Forgetting to cancel something and getting billed is the worst. STANDARD doesn't force you to subscribe, you just buy what you want, when you want. I started with the Mixed Pack (3 red, 3 white) to see what I liked, and now I just order when I run out of wine... Which is more often than it should be.

❹ Real, Handcrafted Wines from Sonoma California.

STANDARD only has one red wine, a 2013 Proprietary Red Blend, and one white wine, a 2014 Chardonnay. Both are crazy good and have a bit of age on them. I’m ordinarily not a Chardonnay fan, but they crushed it. STANDARD handcrafts each wine with an eye towards tradition, but still keeps the wines fresh and exciting. These are both Sonoma County AVA wines, and it looks like they are releasing a Rosé this Spring! Hint: it's from Santa Barbara!


❺ Killer Reviews and Happiness Guarantee.

STANDARD has only been around for a couple of months and they are already generating a ton of 5 Star Reviews. If you have a problem, they will solve it. Their customer service is amazing and I always receive my wines quickly. Watch out for the adult signature requirement since it’s alcohol – I always have mine shipped to my office for this reason 🙂

Get a $10 Gift Card with Your First Order

Right now, STANDARD has a Mixed Pack that clocks in at a $83 value for only $49!  The Mix Pack includes 3x of the Chardonnay, 3x of the Red Blend, a $10 Gift Card, and I also got a fun I heart wine pin. You can't go wrong.