250 ml/8.45 oz



Serving Facts

Serving Size: 5 fl oz (148ml)

Servings per container: 1.26

Calories: 71
Fat: 0g
Carbohydrates: 3.6g
Protein: 0g

Carbonated Grape Wine with Natural Flavor

Yuzu Spritz

Brut + Japanese Yuzu

Brut + Japanese Yuzu

Introducing our limited-edition take on the modern wine spritzer, in a can.  Made with clean, simple ingredients, this is Brut + first press Japanese Yuzu juice, and nothing else.  It’s bright, but not sweet, and low in alcohol. 

Super light

Floral, fizzy and light, this is the perfect drink for the hottest days of the year. Best served chilled.

+ Yuzu
A Japanese citrus that tastes like a fusion of lemon, lime, and grapefruit.

Low Alcohol
Keep tomorrow in mind. At 7.25% ABV, tastes great, feels even better.

Real ingredients

A crisp, fruity, low alcohol spritz, in a can. Our wine is made the real way, using sustainably farmed grapes with minimal intervention and no additives, except for bubbles of course. Our Yuzu juice is first press and 100% natural.

2.2g sugar

You’re here to drink real wine, not grape soda. No reason to add anything else besides Yuzu juice to the best grapes that California has to offer.

No additives

Although common to add extra chemicals to ensure “freshness,” we don’t. Period. This means less additives, less hangovers, and more fun.


Pure Japanese citrus

This is Yuzu juice from the first press, not the second or third. Extremely limited by definition, this is the highest quality citrus available. Sourced directly from a family-owned producer in Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan, the aromatic and tart citrus perfectly complements the Brut to create something like you’ve never tasted before.

Summer sessions

Enjoy on the go, at the pool or by the beach. When no glass is allowed, the perfect summer spritz to refresh your palate and outlook. So good, you may not be able to stop at one. Crack, sparkle and sip - this is summer, as Usual.

Word on the street

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Tina Simons

I never received my package.

Samantha Williams

An amazing alternative to seltzer. Can’t believe how good it is at only ~70 calories & 7% alcohol!

Sima Alimadadian
Perfect for day drinking

I adore yuzu flavored everything so this was absolutely perfect for me. Not very sweet or syrupy like a typical spritz just a delicious hit of yuzu with a great sparkling wine!!

Refreshing drink - perfect for summer!

The Yuzu Spritz is the perfect chilled drink to slip in your beach bag this summer. It has a light, fruity, delicious taste. Cheers!

Meghan Moore

The Yuzu Spritz is very refreshing. It's the prefect amount for one drink. I prefer dry bubbles, and the Yuzu Spritz is a tad bit on the sweet side for me, so one can offers that nice refreshing drink. Good to pair with sushi, sandwiches, or salad.