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Brut + Real Guava Juice

So good, we sold out.

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Clean Ingredients

A crisp, fruity, low alcohol spritz, in a can. The Brut you know and love, with fresh squeezed guava juice. Our wine is made the real way, using sustainably farmed grapes with no additives and minimal intervention. Our guava juice is 100% natural and has no added sugar.

8.5% ABV

8.4 oz

3g of natural sugar, 83 calories per serving

Super light


Crisp, bubbly, and refreshing, this is the perfect drink for the hottest days of the year.

+ Guava
A tropical treat that tastes like a combo of pear, strawberry, and coconut.

Keep tomorrow in mind. Our Spritz is 8.5% ABV. Tastes great, feels even better.

Crack, sparkle, sip

Our wines are made the natural way: in small, sustainably farmed batches with nothing added to artificially preserve or augment the taste. No additives, except for bubbles, of course. Each can has over 6,000 of them, we counted, so you don’t have to. A large glass of fresh, clean sparkling wine, in a can.

No added sugar

You’re here to drink wine, not grape soda. No reason to artificially sweeten the best grapes that California has to offer.

No added sulfites

Although common to add extra sulfites to ensure “freshness,” we don’t. Period. This means less chemicals, less hangovers, and more fun.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 195 reviews
Light and tasty spritz

These are lovely and light. Sweet but not cloying and very refreshing.

Didn’t receive

My package is still showing as pending. This is the same status as last week. I have emailed Usual customer service but no update on when or if my wine (ordered on 2/12) will arrive.

So good!

I absolutely loved usual spritz! So refreshing & tasted amazing! Just the right amount of sweetness! Will totally order again! Also noteworthy that I didn’t get a headache like I sometimes get from some wine/spritzers.

So Good!

So refreshing and just the perfect sweetness! Another on of my go to’s!

My favourite drink

Guava, bubbles, and a subtle kick of sparkling wine. It is perfect.