The Details

Region Lake County, California

Grapes Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Volume 6.3 oz (187 ml)

Vintage 2012

Alcohol 15.5%

2012 Reserve

Special Limited Release

Aged 10 years in barrel and bottled at its peak, this is a Bordeaux-like blend cellared in neutral oak to create a wine that is bold, smooth, delicious, and unique. A truly special experience to enjoy by the glass. Only 100 cases remaining. 

2012 Reserve 2012 Reserve

Aged to perfection

A decade tucked away in a barrel does wonders for a wine. Concentrating and ripening the fruit flavors from bright and tart to bold and smooth, the oak melts into the flavor profile while the tannins soften and integrate. It’s truly a rare treat to find a wine aged this carefully and long - and then nearly unheard of to make it available by the glass.


Cola Nut

White Chocolate

A worthy challenge

The decision to age wine is always difficult (read: tuck it away without a sale). But this 2012 had so much potential that the winemakers decided to set aside a few hundred gallons. Every few months, the barrels would be tasted and topped, and just a few weeks ago, we had the epiphany that the wine was ready.

With just over 6 barrels left after the angel’s share evaporated to the heavens and the oak absorbed its toll, the end result is a red wine that is silky, rich, and worthy of admiration.

Have fine wine and drink it too

Aged like fine wine but available by the glass. No need to save this bottle for one special occasion when you can have it across several occasions. A truly unique experience exclusive to Usual drinkers. Celebrating the everyday is the new Usual.

Reviews, as Usual

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Pascale Faubert

The wine is good but 💯 not worth the price. When I purchased it I thought I was buying 12 bottled. That would have been ok. At $24/glass it’s a rip off.

Helen O'Connell

Smooth as Silk

nice bold taste

nice bold taste

Audrey Uchill

Taste was spectacular!

E. B.
Wish this was a regular offering…

…because it’s delicious!