Mixed pack

$8 a glass

Want to try them all? Keep your fridge stocked with whatever the mood calls for. Made in small batches and limited quantities. No additives, no sugar, more fun. 

At 6.3 oz, each bottle gives you a fresh, full glass (and candidly, a bit more). This is real wine, by the glass, as Usual.

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Mixed pack Mixed pack

What you get

Choose 12 or 24 bottles of sustainably farmed, minimally intervened, small-lot wine. Split equally between Brut, Red, and Rosé, so you don’t have to choose.


A crisp, easy-drinking rosé wine with notes of strawberry, rose petal, and rhubarb.

• 100% Central Coast
• 13.5% ABV


A fruity and delicious red wine blend with notes of cocoa, dark cherry, and cassis.

• 100% Mendocino County
• 14% ABV


A dry and effervescent sparkling wine with notes of lemon, elderflower, and bergamot.

• 100% North Coast AVA
• 12% ABV


Wine today

There’s no reinventing, rethinking, re-etcetera-ing a perfect glass of wine. The premise is nothing new: source the tastiest grapes, treat them right, and let them shine. Then, of course, pour it in a glass. It’s not easy nor cheap, which is why so many wines today use added chemicals and sugars, and come in boxes and bags - pretty unusual.

In fact, winemakers can legally use over 76 additives in their wines… many of which are toxic, and none of which need to be disclosed on the label. The health risks associated with these chemicals include infertility, diabetes, cancer, and kidney disease.

Usualize real wine...

Excellent wine should be enjoyed more often, and to the last drop. Usual takes the same artful approach to making real wine. No additives, no sweeteners, and no stale, re-corked bottles. Yes to sustainable farms, the best grapes in California, and a fresh glass, every time.


Our promise to you is that we do not use any additives in the winemaking process. Just grapes, water, and sunshine. Usual wine means no...

added sugars

added chemicals



stale wine

Word on the street

Customer Reviews

Based on 1892 reviews
Kristen Briody
Good mix!

We enjoyed all the varieties included in the mix pack.

Catherine Redler
Beyond Usual

Clean wine that tastes good without the sugary hangover, sign me up ⭐️

Maia Lucier
Convenient sizing and reduced-guilt drinking

Love the size of the bottles. I don’t over-drink anymore (no more “let’s just finish the bottle”) and tastes really good for sugar-free wine!

Keri Kennedy
Even my husband likes it!

We have tried all their batches, brut, red, rose’. The new sparkling rose’ sealed the deal! We are hooked! We have tried other lower sugar/healthier wines and none compare in the taste!

Stephanie Hammett
Loved it

The quality really surprised me — I’ll definitely be purchasing the Mixed Pack again.