3 red.
3 white.
+ a little gift.



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer



These Wines by the Glass Are Small Enough to Stash in Your Purse — and They're So Chic!

A standard intro.

Hi, we're STANDARD. We make small-lot wines reminiscent of California's heritage, but reborn in a new form. Here's the perfect way to really get to know us - 3x 2013 Standard Red and 3x 2014 Chardonnay (along with a little something extra).



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer

How much wine is in a glass?

Each glass of STANDARD gives you just over 6.3 oz. Don't know how much an oz. is? Don't worry your secret is safe with us, that's why we made this handy chart.



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer


- 3x STANDARD Red ($24)
- 3x STANDARD Chardonnay ($24)
- Shipping included ($10)
- 1x secret gift from us ($15)
(hint: you can wear it, #swag)
+ BONUS: Get a $10 Gift Card



*Due to high demand, limit 1 per customer

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Wine Reviews

Based on 784 reviews
Better than the last red!

I loved their Standard Red so wanted to try the new Usual Red. And it is even better! Brighter with some red fruit on the palate and still some age. This one is absolutely stellar.

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack
Subtly Sweet

My new favorite wine,hints of strawberry linger on your tongue after each sip.Smooth but with a kick of alcohol I highly recommend Usaual Rose.


Just the right size, and the wine is so much higher quality than I was expecting. Loved it and will order more for the holidays!

Friendsgiving Find!

Had a friendsgiving and it was soo good. Really fun for everyone to have their own bottle. Ordered more to bring to another party. Love it!

Yup! New fave.

Love the red and the bottle. Perfect for a glass of wine.

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack

Wow Great Wine!

Enjoying it.

Great wine

I've always wanted to buy wine by the cup and didn't know which brand would taste good. I chose Standard based on their reviews and I am really happy with their red wine!! The pour is HUGE and it's a nice red blend. I normally only drink cabs but this wine has enough punch for me. Highly recommend!!!

Beautiful little wine in a stunning package

To be honest what sold me on the wine was the packaging. I actually didn’t have high hopes for the wine itself but to my surprise, the rose is delicious! I will definitely be restocking when I’m out. I’m just hoping Standard comes out with a Sparkling rose or white.

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack

Perfect size. Getting ready to place next order

I ordered wine. not vinegar.

I ordered ONE shipment of your "STANDARD" wine to try it out. You called it a "gift" and told me I'm on your mailing list for continuous shipments. I've had worse, but this was a real disappointment; it came yesterday, I'll cancel today - or you can do it to save me the trouble.

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack
Hooray for Rose!

Loved them. Each bottle is individual and the perfect size. Goes with all foods and no worrying about finishing the whole bottle.

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack
Summer during not-summer

Crisp and refreshing, quite delightful. I love the bottle shapes. Wish they were bigger :)

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack
Usual rose

Wanted to try as it was rated number 1
Wisphering angel is better

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack
Double thumbs up!

Delicious rosé in an adorable bottle! Perfect combo!

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack
Rose Wine

I loved this rose. I really loved the bottles because it gave me one glass. It was perfect for just one person.

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack

Good stuff

Good stuff

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack
Want more! Stores!

Loved it, wish I could find more at a store as waiting for the package is agonizing!!!! 5*!

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack
STANDARD Wine Delivery

Our order arrived safe, sound, and on time. A pleasure doing biz with this company!

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack
Usual rose

It was pretty good. Wish it was sold in stores.

Well balanced white wine

Oak on the tongue, balanced with excellent fruit. Wine holds its own with food too, will buy again.

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack
Not sweet, just right

Amazing fruit and acid, but definitely not a sweet rose. One of the best I've had this year, more like a french rose than one from the US.

USUAL Rosé - 12 Pack
Rose all day!!

Winter shminter, I have 20 of these in my fridge and ever day this month has been better. Highly recommend.