The Details

Wine 2x Red Mendocino County 2020 (6.3oz/187ml)
2x Grenache Santa Barbara County 2020 (6.3oz/187ml)
2x Rosé San Luis Obispo County 2021 (6.3oz/187ml)
2x Pinot Gris 2020 Carneos (6.3oz/187ml)
2x Brut North Coast (6.3oz/187ml)
2x Brut Rosé Mendocino County (6.3oz/187ml)

Spritz 4x Raspberry Spritz (8.5oz/250ml)
4x Guava Spritz (8.5oz/250ml)

Chrismukkah Wine Collection

$109 $144

This collection features 12 wines, 8 Spritzes, and ensures you will be the MVP of whatever festive event you are attending or gifting this holiday season.

Includes 2 Red, 2 Rosé, 2 Brut, 2 Grenache, 2 Brut Rosé, 2 Pinot Gris, 4 Raspberry Spritz, and 4 Guava Spritz.

Chrismukkah Wine Collection Chrismukkah Wine Collection
Celebrate the Holidays, as Usual. Celebrate the Holidays, as Usual.

The Details

Sample the full Usual Wine collection with this Chrismukkah Wine Pack and get something for everyone.

The Reds
A fruity and bright Red blend from Mendocino County and a lighter limited edition Grenache from Santa Barbara.

The Rosé and White
Crisp and easy drinking, the Rosé is from San Luis Obispo and the Pinot Gris is fruity with a long clean finish from Carneros.

The Sparkling
The Brut is dry and effervescent from North Coast and the Brut Rosé is a blush sparkling wine from Mendocino County.

The Spritz
A crisp, fruity, low alcohol spritz, in a can. Made with clean, simple ingredients - real fruit, crisp wine, bubbles, and nothing else.

Wine to feel good about this holiday

Nothing artificial

Many wines have added flavorings and colorants, but not us. Not ever.

Fresh every time

Our generous single serve bottles ensure the freshest experience possible.

No added sugar

No reason to artificially sweeten California’s best grapes

Sustainably farmed

We’re helping to ensure the future of harvest year after year.

Special occasion, any occasion

Have fine wine, and drink it too. Excellent wine should be enjoyed more often, and to the last drop. Celebrate the holidays with the Chrismukkah Wine Pack, because it won’t last into 2023!

Reviews, as Usual

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Nancy Yuhas

This bundle is the Cat’s MEOW!
Great to try some of your varieties at a good price!

Katherine Rogers
Enjoyed the collection!

I really liked the Chrismakkuh Wine Collection; I enjoyed being able to sample a bit of everything. I found quite a few that have become favorites that I will order again. And, it is nice this time of year to be able to offer guests a variety so that everyone doesn't have to have the same wine. Would definitely get this again!

Yes please!

I got this on a Black Friday/cyber Monday special and am so happy with what I got for the price. I’ve only tried a few so far but I’m loving the spritzers. Grenache tonight!

Marilyn Macy
Merry Chrismukkah

Love this collection. Very convenient to not having to open a big bottle. Love all the choices especially the Pinot Gris


Bought these last year and they did not disappoint. Great choice of wines for a Christmas Eve Party that I host. As long as price and quality remains, I will get them every year.